Demographic Profile

The City of Bolton has an estimated 2013 population of 93,257, with a land area comprising just over 27 square miles. There are an approximate 3,350 persons per square mile. Table 3-1 lists the percentage of age distribution, gender and racial/ethnicity composition of the city. More than 16% of residents are foreign born; the majority being from Latin America. The population has increased by 29.6% since 2000.

City of Bolton Demographic Profile
City of Bolton Population Percent of Population
Persons under 5 years 8.6%
Persons under 18 years 28.3%
Persons 65 years & over 13.1%
Female persons 50.7%
Caucasian only 67.1%
Black or African American only 1.7%
American Indian & Alaska Native only 2.0%
Asian only 1.5%
Pacific Islander only 0.1%
Two or more races 4.4%
Hispanic or Latino 41.3%

Table 3-1 Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Figure 3-1: City of Bolton, Washington racial diversityFigure 3-1 is a map depicting population distribution by location. It shows that the east side of the city is comprised predominately of Hispanic/Latino persons, while the west side consists mostly of Caucasians. Other races represent a very small percentage of the population.

Social Characteristics

For all persons age 25 or greater, 74% have a high school education or greater, and 18% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. There are 33,226 households averaging 2.67 persons per household. The per-capita crime rate in Bolton for 2013 was 544/100,000 persons.

Economic Characteristics

Median household income during the period 2008–2012 was $40,569. Per capita income during 2013 was $20,516. Approximately 23% of the population is considered below the poverty level. Median gross rent per month is $760. Current unemployment rate is 14.4%.

The most common industries for males is construction at 10%, followed by agriculture (8%), groceries and merchant wholesalers (6%), healthcare (6%), and accommodation and food services (6%). For females, health care leads at 19%, followed by educational services (14%) and accommodation and food services (9%).

Housing Profile

There are 34,829 housing units, with a home ownership rate of 54.3%. Median value of owner-occupied homes is $157,200. Just over 30% of housing units are multi-unit structures.